Season 23, Episode 78 - Thursday 10th March 2005
Airdate: 19/Apr/2017

             People queued all night for ""Hollynoses"". Mandy was worried about Becca. Tony whined on about Max and OB. Danni and Joe were still finding rat droppings everywhere. Mandy begged Becca to leave it with Jake but Becca was obviously upset still. Becca told Mandy she felt like everyone is stabbing her in the back. Danni tried to work but Joe kept distracting her. Russ refused yet again to get up and do something. Lisa went to see Ben but Jake turned up so Lisa hid. Jake thought just because his confessed to Becca him and Ben can be friends again. He told Ben that Lisa was a meaningless fling. Lisa heard this and cried. Mandy was mad at Tony for grassing on Max and OB. Mandy seen Zara in the village and started screaming at her. Danni found rat dropping in her clothes. A rat dropping ended up in Zara's drink. Jake went to see Becca again. He told her he was sorry but she replied she wasn't ready or willing to forgive and forget. Sam found a letter from the NHS addressed to Russ. He was abou